June 18, 2014

Patriotic Windsock

Happy Wednesday!!

Today is inspiration Wednesday over on the My Creative Time blog. I found this idea on Pinterest last year and thought it would be a fun activity to do with Z. The link above has a great tutorial, so I am not going to re-invent the wheel, but I will quickly tell you how we made them.
My SIL had two cans of expired baby formula, so I used/recycled those cans, but any size would work. I purchased some blue spray paint and sprayed both cans blue. Then I drilled two holes in the top of each can and used some jute cord for the hanger. You can use a hammer and screwdriver to create the holes if you don't have a drill. I purchased 7/8" wide white and red ribbon at Wal-mart. The rolls were 18ft (6yards) each. I cut the ribbon into 15" pieces. I was able to get 14 - 15" pieces from each roll. There was enough ribbon to do both cans.  I used white outdoor vinyl and cut out 14 white stars with the medium die from the 3 Star Stitched Dies set.
So once I had everything prepped, then I brought in Z to help me finish, since his attention span is not the longest. I helped him peal the backing off the vinyl stars and then let him attach the stars to both cans. Then he assisted in helping me attach the ribbon to the inside of each can. He handed me the ribbon and I attached each piece with a bit of hot glue from the hot glue gun.
I was the perfect activity/craft for his short attention span and he is so proud of his flag windsocks.
Items needed:
Tin Can
Blue Spray Paint
Jute Cording
White Ribbon
Red Ribbon
White Outdoor Vinyl

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I hope you have a wonderful day!