October 30, 2010

Casey and Leif's Wedding

Happy Saturday!

A couple weeks ago Casey and Leif got married. My BFF, Caroline, she is Casey's aunt.  We helped Casey plan, organize, and design/decorate for the wedding. Caroline is an amazing event planner and since I make spaces comfortable and pretty for a living (I'm also obsessed with organizing) I think it was meant to be that we help Casey & Leif.
 Casey and Leif live in a small town, nestled in the mountains about 45 minutes east of San Diego. They rented the town's community center for the wedding/reception and I am pretty sure it hasn't been "updated" since it was build in the 60's. Unfortunately, they were promised a lot of things.... things that never happened. So Caroline and I were on a mission to make sure it looked just the way Casey had envisioned. 
Caroline and I were up until 3:30 am, the morning of the wedding, making the flower arrangements. It's hard to see here, but the vases were filled, a 1/3rd of the way, with water and there were different sized "fake" diamonds and sapphires in the water, there was also a water proof light, that made them sparkle. It was an evening wedding, so when the sun went down the only lighting in the hall, came from the 40 lanterns that were hung from the ceiling and the 100 flickering candles, that were on the tables. It was beautiful! When Casey saw it for the 1st time, she started to cry.
Here is a close-up of the place cards.
The wish tree. Guests wrote wishes on the cards and hung them on the tree. A few will be mailed to Casey and Leif, every week, for the 1st year.
We even had a Candy buffet!
 The ring pillow... of course it coordinated.
 Congrats Casey & Leif! Love you guys!
Caroline and I survived making the 30 floral center pieces, for the benefit last night. They turned out really cute! I will post some photos, once I get them from Caroline, next week.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a safe Halloween!