December 18, 2010

Santa Hat Chex Mix!

Happy Saturday!

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Today I wanted to share a fun Santa Hat Chex mix recipe with you. It's fun because you make Santa hats and add them to the mix. It's really fun and festive looking. This is not my original idea... I saw it in a magazine several years ago and have been making it for the last couple years. 

The blog, Cookies and Cups also posted about this mix, a couple weeks ago.

Kids love it!
Making the Santa hats takes a little time, but the rest of it comes together fairly quickly.
You start with some Bugles and some red chocolate discs. I measure out 2 1/2 cups of Bugles. You melt the chocolate per the instructions and then dip the Bugles in the chocolate and get them nice and coated.
Once coated, they should look something like this...
I place them on wax paper and let them dry.
Once they are dry, I re-heat the red chocolate and pour some white non-perils in a bowl. You take the bugle and dip the bottom into the chocolate and then into the non-perils. This makes the bottom of the Santa hat. Place them back on the wax paper to dry. Then dip the tip of the bugle into the chocolate and attach a small marshmallow to the top. When you are finished, they should look similar to the photo below. 
 Cute aren't they? I have never been a big fan of Bugles myself.... but covered in chocolate, they do taste pretty yummy!

Next you are going to mix together:
3 cups of mini pretzels
1/2 cup of dried cranberries
1 cup peanuts
2 cups Rice Chex cereal

  Mixed all together it should look something like this...
Then take 8oz of white chocolate and melt it per the package instructions. Once melted you are going to take it and pour it over the mix. Then carefully mix the ingredients so that the chocolate evenly coats all of the mix. Then pour it out onto some wax paper to dry.
When the mix is dry, and cool, you can return it to the bowl and add 2 cups M&M's (red and green) and the Santa hats that you made.
Mix everything together... be very careful you don't want to break the Santa hats!
 Then place the mix into containers, for gift giving.
Doesn't it look yummy!?! Festive too!
 I like to decorate the containers... here I have added some raffia.
On the top of the container I have added some cute DCWV papers and I used Joy's at's fabulous All Around Sentiment stamp set for the sentiment.  This stamp set is perfect for gift giving any time during the year!

Pretty cute huh?!?

I'm off to eat some Santa Hat Chex Mix now... I sure hope you try making some! You will be glad that you did. :)

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I hope you have a wonderful day!