November 21, 2011

An Armada of Thankfulness!

Happy Monday!

So... I hate to admit it, but I am kind of freaking out that this Thursday is Thanksgiving. Seriously, when did that happen? Wasn't it just the 4th of July? Let's not even mention the fact that we are like 4 weeks from Christmas. Really? Am I the only one who feels like these holiday's just "sneak" up on me? Which in turn then makes it so hard to "enjoy" the season, because I am running around like a crazy person trying to get "ready" for the holiday that has snuck up on me. I can't be the only one... right?

I found this cut in the Silhouette online store a week or so ago. I thought it was so cute and thought it would look even cuter as place markers on the Thanksgiving Day table.
So I made 12 of them. The boats came together fairly quickly and I use Silhouette's Print-n-Cut feature to add everyone's name to the sails. Which was much, much easier then trying to hand write them. :)
The papers I used are DCWV and white card stock.
I filled them with Crunch and Munch, for today's photos. Thanksgiving day, the armada will be carrying a mixture of mixed nuts and candy corn. 

Hey... have I told you lately how THANKFUL I am for you? Well, I am.

I hope you have a wonderful day!